Alwyn Crawshaw Paints Oils
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Most people mistakenly believe that oil painting is difficult, messy, requires a lot of cumbersome equipment and is best suited only for large paintings. In Crawshaw Paints Oils, Alwyn demonstrates that this need not be the case. He uses only six colours, plus white, for most of the work in the book and nearly all the paintings were painted small. He also shows how to keep all your materials and equipment simple and easy to carry.
Alwyn explains in his easy-to-follow, chatty style how to mix colours, which brushes to use, and which surfaces to work on. He then demonstrates how to paint a variety of subjects - landscapes, seascapes, boats, animals and people. An original feature of the book is the enlarged details of each painting, which clearly reveal how the different effects, brushstrokes and paint textures were achieved.
So why not look over Alwyn's shoulder, share his thoughts while he paints, and then, with this book to hand, pick up a brush and have a go yourself.

Out of Print - Available Here
Published in 1992
Hardback - 96 Pages
Signed by Alwyn